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SI-Robotics project

The SI-ROBOTICS project aims to devise and develop new solutions in the field of ICT assistive robotic technologies, proving capable of supporting people in the performance of health care services, acting with socially acceptable behavior. The scientific objective of the SI-ROBOTICS proposal is to design and implement easily adaptable technological solutions to help the elderly in their daily activities and to assess the progress of their physical and cognitive decline (frailty, dementia, mild cognitive impairment). This allows for the identification of specific challenges for early diagnosis, objective evaluation, therapy control and rehabilitation. Innovative ICT robotics concepts and solutions will then be introduced in which users, IoT devices, AI-powered social robots and objects connected to the Cloud will collaborate to create a sort of “cognitive agent” to anticipate user needs and provide assistance, monitoring and coaching solutions. The technological objective of the SI-ROBOTICS proposal is to create connected robots capable of assuming increasingly “human” skills and traits, such as perception, adaptation, learning, manipulation and interaction. The distinctive feature of the proposal will be the implementation of advanced behavioral and interaction models, designed to create a positive perception of care in order to encourage the elderly to participate in their care process. The proposal is designed to demonstrate the technical feasibility, acceptability and economic sustainability of the SI-ROBOTICS solution in the context of nursing homes for the elderly and domestic environments, which involve the presence of frail people, who require attention and care. careful and specific interaction, and of caregivers and doctors, who are often overburdened and perform demanding tasks. The ambition of the proposal is to provide and evaluate new care processes for ongoing care carried out through a wide range of health services including different levels and degrees of care in the home and residential settings. The expected results consist in strengthening and promoting the development of innovation, automation and the robotic community in Southern Italy, thus favoring the birth of potential start-ups, not only in the healthcare sector but also in other fields related to ICT robotic technologies. such as logistics, medicine, cleaning etc.