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Epilessie posteriori farmacoresistenti esplorate mediante elettrodi subdurali

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SUMMARY: Epilepsy surgery for seizures arising from the posterior cortex often requires intracranial investigations in order to identify the Epileptogeniz Zone that should be surgically removed.The aim of the study is to show a series of patients with drug resistant seizures originating in the posterior cortex who underwent intracranial investigations by subdural electrodes before surgery. After a non-invasive presurgical protocol including MRI and video-EEG 21 patients with temporo-parieto-occipital epilepsies were identified. Eight of them were implanted with subdural elctrodes (grids and strips) and video-EEG monitored. All patients, after electrical stimuòation for the identification of the eloquent areas were operated and followed up. After at leas 1 year after surgery, 4 patients are in Engel Class 1,1 in Engel Class 2 and 1 in Engel Class IV. In 2 patients the follow up does not reach 1 year. In conclusion subdurally implanted electrodes allow a satisfactory investigation of focal epilepsy involveng the posterior cortex.

PP Quarato, G. Di Gennaro, A. Mascia, A. Sparano, L. G Grammaldo, NG. Meldolesi, T. Giampà, C. Falco, F. Sebastiano, M. Manfredi, G. Cantore, V. Esposito